Friday Bug Bites Chandrababu Too...

Fri Sep 14 2018 22:12:16 GMT+0530 (IST)

Chandrababu used to quip that every Friday is court day for yS Jagan and for him, every Friday was a Project Inspection Day. He used to refer to the court cases that Jagan is facing. But, now Chandrababu too has become a court visitor as a Maharashtra court has asked him to appear before it in connection with his visit to Bhabhali project. He was asked to present himself before the Dharmabad Magistrate court before September 21. Another 14 leaders have also been summoned.

Now, the TDP and pro-TDP media has gone on an overdrive to derive sympathy for Chandrababu and to build the mood in favour of the party in Telangana. They are trying to prove Chandrababu's credentials as a pro-Telangana leader. MLC Buddha Venkanna has already said that sending warrants in an eight-year-old case at this juncture smaked off vendetta on the part of the BJP. He used the opportunity to slam the BJP.

The TDP is trying to remind the people of Tlangana about Chandrababu's fight against Bhabhali Project. Thus, the TDP is trying everything it can to project Chandrababu as a martyr for Telangana.Expect more melodrama and more action from the TDP in the days to come.