Attack On Mahaa News, Kathi Blames Ruling Party!

Thu Feb 22 2018 17:00:57 GMT+0530 (IST)

Stones have been pelted on the vehicles of Mahaa News Channel in Vizianagaram on Thursday morning for trying to take the people's voice to New Delhi. Even the four-wheeler of Channel's CEO Murthy was damaged in the attack. Attempts have been made by the attackers to enter the premises of the guesthouse where Mahaa Team stayed.

Mahaa News MD made it clear fight for AP's rights will continue. 'People are will us. Our Channel is the voice of public. It's our responsibility to bring out the facts & we would continue to do that!,' he asserts.

Kathi Mahesh described what happened to Mahaa Team as an attack on democracy. 'Attack on Shivaji and Mahaa News CEO Murthy expose the intolerance levels among BJP Activists after injustice done to AP has been questioned. Government have the responsibility to provide security for Murthy & his Team who are neutral rather than inclining to a party. Any attempts to curtailing the freedom of Media should be condemned. It's an attack on people's voice! This incident should be seen as a conspiracy of ruling party in centre and state. They resort to such attacks when they don't have answers for the questions raised by public and media. These things have been happening since BJP-led NDA formed government in 2014. I would firmly say only an anti-BJP Party can save the democracy,' he declares.

Journalists Association has condemned the attack on Mahaa News. They demanded Government to nab the culprits by evening and ensure they face the consequences.