SIX New Requirements for Australian Citizenship

Fri Apr 21 2017 16:46:23 GMT+0530 (IST)

Australian Government has introduced new set of rules for Applicants who wish to have the citizenship of the country. This could be a new headache for Indians who want to settle down in Australia.

New Requirements for Australian Citizenship:

1) Applicants should pass a stand-alone English Test, involving speaking, writing, reading and listening.

2) Applicants must live in Australia for a period of 4 Years as Permanent Resident.

3) An Applicant can fail the Citizenship Test only Thrice

4) Applicants should showcase what they have done to get accustomed to Australian Culture, Embrace its Values and contribute to the community. Which means, Employment proofs, Community Membership and Enrolling Children in Schools.

5) More Meaningful Questions would be asked in Citizenship Test to assess Applicants Commitment, Shared Values and Responsibilities.

6) Applicants who try to cheat during Citizenship Test will be failed automatically.