HCA President Is Misusing Power: Azharuddin

Sat Jan 13 2018 17:51:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

Former Captain of Team India Mohd. Azharuddin breathed fire on the irregularities of Hyderabad Cricket Association(HCA) during the press meet on Saturday.  It is known that the existing HCA members kept him away from the HCA elections last year by disqualifying his nominations.  Azhar has already vented his anger against the HCA officials in the past.  He has done it in the recent press meet again.

He revealed that Prakash Jain was behind his disqualification and he is planning to proceed legally against him. He said that his application was disqualified even though he has clearance from BCCI to contest elections.  He criticised HCA President G Vivekanand for misusing his power.  He said that Vivek has cabinet minister rank so he is not eligible for the post of HCA President.   He sought clarification from the government on this issue.  He alleged that HCA is conducting G. Venkataswamy tourney without taking permission from the BCCI  even though all the other states are taking permission for conducting tourneys.

He alleged that HCA is not implementing the recommendations of Lodha Committee and demanded the government an enquiry into the irregularities of HCA. He raised allegations that HCA is not giving opportunities to the players coming from rural background even though there are talented players from districts.  He said that he is going to present his case to Ombudsman L Narasimha Reddy.