Babu, What Do You Say Now?: K. Laxman

Tue May 15 2018 17:14:25 GMT+0530 (IST)

The entire nation was keen to know the results of Karnataka and BJP finally emerged as the single largest party, a little short of the majority.  BJP leaders across the nation are delighted with the result.  Telangana BJP chief K. Laxman responded to the Karnataka poll results.  He expressed his happiness for BJP's wonderful win and slammed the opposition parties.  

He said that Siddaramaiah's corruption is the main reason for the defeat of the Congress party in Karnataka.  He opined that the people got fed up with the Congress rule.  He took potshots at the Congress leaders that wherever Rahul took up elections campaign, the leaders lost the elections.   He suggested them to rethink on Rahul's leadership.  He said that people believed in BJP and trusted the leadership of Narendra Modi despite the negative campaign of exit poll surveys.. media houses.

Laxman didn't forget to blast Chandrababu Naidu in his speech.  He said "Chandrababu and his party leaders gave a call to people to defeat BJP. But the Telugu people in Karnataka didn't believe them. They have trusted the BJP." He asked the people of AP to understand the gimmicks of Chandrababu and said that he is trying to defame BJP in the Special category status issue.  He slammed Chandrababu that People are observing the corrupt rule of TDP and they will turn him down in 2019 elections.