There Is No Benefit With Railway Zone!

Tue Mar 13 2018 12:49:10 GMT+0530 (IST)

BJP MLAs from AP didn't appear to be feeling the heat of people though everybody is angry with them and abusing them.  They are talking as if they are competing among themselves to show their devotion towards the central BJP leadership.  Andhra people are extremely angry on the Modi government for doing injustice to the state but AP BJP leaders are supporting the decisions of their central leadership.

MLC Madhav also joined the same league recently.  He questioned Chandrababu that TDP leaders are saying that they are in NDA but they are blaming the central government.. and how can people understand this approach? He criticised Babu for making provocative statements against Centre.  On the other hand,  Madhav made another statement which will surely make AP people angry who are eagerly waiting for the railway zone.

He said that there is no benefit to the people with the railway zone.. this demand is raised only due to political reasons.  One way senior officials in the central government are saying that special railway zone is not feasible.. the other way BJP MLC is singing the same tune.  This kind of attitude is making common people angry.

Even netizens are also firing on him that this kind of leaders are causing more damage to AP.  They are concerned only about their personal gains and not about the people.  Some people are questioning why these leaders are supporting center and why they don't think that they are doing injustice to the people.  These leaders are firing on Chandrababu for criticising BJP leaders.. but they should know the fact that common people are literally abusing them.