UP Voters Gave A Huge Shock To Modi-Shah

Wed Mar 14 2018 14:42:34 GMT+0530 (IST)

Whenever someone thinks that nobody can beat him, time will teach him a lesson.  Whether it is success or failure.. nothing is permanent.  One can not be a winner always.. similarly one cannot be a loser all the time.  There are several examples in the history books where successful people missed this simple logic and finally became losers.

Narendra Modi achieved power in the 2014 general elections.  Nobody expected that he would achieve power with such a huge majority.  We all know that he went on to expand his wings across many states in the past four years.  The main reason behind the huge majority in the last general elections is because of winning more number of seats in UP.

BJP started focusing on the assembly elections of the other states slowly and they were successful in most of the states.. but they are facing criticism that BJP has become arrogant.  It is known that BJP achieved a good result in North Eastern states recently.  Achieving power in Tripura made them even more confident and they are thinking that nobody can beat them.  

In this scenario, bypoll results in UP.. Bihar turned out to be shocking.  It is known that BJP is the ruling party in both the states at present.  The opposition Samajwadi Party is leading in the results of two constituencies which are basically BJP seats.   What more interesting is that CM Yogi Adityanath constituency Gorakhpur result trend indicated Samajwadi party is leading in the initial rounds.  Gorakhpur is regarded as the strong BJP bastion but the result trends turned out to be shocking for BJP.  SP is leading in Gorakhpur.. Phulpur according to the results trends as of now.

BJP made Yogi Adityanath as CM of the state but he was an MP from Gorakhpur.  So, bypolls are held for Gorakhpur MP constituency now. Another constituency Phulpur constituency MP Kesav Mourya is presently the Deputy CM of UP.  BJP is lagging behind in the initial rounds in the bypoll of this constituency as well.

When it comes to Bihar, out of the three constituencies BJP is leading in two and RJD is leading in one constitueny.  In fact, RJD was leading in the two constituencies at 12 PM but BJP slowly gained votes to overtake RJD.  On the whole, these bypoll results apear to give a huge shock to the BJP.