KA Polls 2018: Bad Time For Babu!

Tue May 15 2018 17:13:19 GMT+0530 (IST)

AP CM Chandrababu Naidu eagerly waited till the counting day to claim credit if BJP faces defeat in the Karnataka Assembly Polls. Even if Congress party emerged as Single Largest Party, TDP Supremo would have commented, 'This is what gonna happen if you mess with Telugus'.

Much to CM's shock, BJP is right on top towards the end of counting process though it was unable to obtain the magic figure. The election results have made Chandrababu Naidu speechless. Campaign by TDP Leaders appealing Telugus in Karnataka to vote against BJP hasn't yielded results. Voters seems to have taken the decision considering the prevailing situation in their constituencies.

BJP Leaders who were enraged with TDP's bad propaganda kept saying scores will be settled with Chandrababu Naidu & Co., after Karnataka Polls. As the election has completed, TDP Leaders will have to cope with sleepless nights as they have no clue how BJP gonna attack them. The situation is such that BJP would focus more on how to dethrone TDP from power rather than how it could come to power.