BJP's Target 123...

Sat Jan 12 2019 09:41:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

Target 123...that's the name of the BJP's latest strategy for the coming Lok Sabha elections.  Know what this target 123 is? These are the seats that the BJP had lost narrowly in the 2014 elections and the BJP wants to consolidate itself and win these seats. These 123 seats are spread in 20 states and the party wants its star campaigners to focus on these seats along with the existing 282 seats. So, 282+123=405 is what the BJP is aiming at this time.

The BJP national leadership has divided these 123 seats into clusters of 25 and is working on them. The BJP is focusing on West Bengal, Odisha and Asom states, which together have 77 Lok Sabha seats. The BJP could win only 10 seats in these three states. This time the BJP wants to increase its tally in these three states. That explains why Modi and Amit Shah are focusing on these states so much. Modi is also planning a nation-wide tour with a focus on these three states.

The party is also getting feedback from the Namo App, which is reaching out to all sections of the society in a big way. The feedback is helping the BJP to formulate its strategies for the coming polls.