CM Babu Loses Cool On Barbers

Mon Jun 18 2018 22:33:34 GMT+0530 (IST)

Nayee Brahmins (Barbers) had come to AP Secretariat on Monday to appeal Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu to fulfill their demands. However, The communication between CM and Barbers happened in an unusual manner. Annoyed with the argument made by Barbers, Naidu threatened to make them pay for what they did if they don't remain silent.

Chandrababu Naidu warned Barbers: 'Meremchestharo Cheyyandi..Nenem Matladanu. Aye..Nuvvokkasari Matladithe Matram Chebuthunna..Maryada Kadu Meeku Idhi. Evarini Bediristharu Meeru..Ye Ooru Needhi. 9 Years Rule Chesa..Okkadu Road Medhaku Raledu…Nyayam Unte Nene Vethukuntu Vastha. Bedirinchali Ante Matram Thokka Thestha..Adi Gurthupettukondi'.

When a Barber mentioned demands placed by them are very reasonable, Babu said he made a mistake by allowing such number of Barbers into a Secretariat which is a temple.

In the end, CM had given an assurance that pay for Barbers will be increased to Rs 25 per person from existing Rs 12. He, however, made it clear State Government can't offer Minimum Wages to the barbers.