In Talk: Real Life Bichagadu!

Sat Aug 12 2017 22:18:08 GMT+0530 (IST)

In the Tamil flick 'Bichagadu', Vijay Antony who played the protagonist leads the life of beggar for few months though he is a crorepati. Something like this happened for real in the life of a Billionaire's Son.

Hitarth Dholakia, who is the 7th son of Ghanshyam Dholakia (A Co-founder of Rs 6,000 crore worth Hare Krishna Diamond Exports) which is operational in 71 Nations. One fine day, Ghanshyam Dholakia asked his Son to live like a common man for a month without using Dholakia Tag and Mobile Phone to understand the value of money.

The 23-Year-Old who pursued higher education in USA managed to survive in Hyderabad for a month. All he got from his father was Rs 500 as pocket money. Hitarth, who never visited Hyderabad before, landed in RGIA on July 10th. Though he knew nothing about the city and the language people speak here, The Youngster gained courage and decided to take the task as a challenge. Hitarth's Father asked him not to do the same job for more than one week.

Hitarth gathered information about Hyderabad from people and from the brochures of Tourism Department. A dormitory in Secunderabad is where he stayed initially. He introduced to a Hotel Manager as the son of a poor farmer from Gujarat and got hired at McDonald eatery. Thereafter, He became a delivery boy in a marketing firm, salesman in Adidas Shoe Company & Jade Blue Showroom. Though people were kind to him, Questions raised by them about his background while interacting with him, a stranger, irked him. He used to share bed with colleagues, had eaten food at roadside eateries and got used to travelling in local buses. While his journey began with Rs 500, He have Rs 5,000 in his pocket by the time he completed 1 month. Lesson Hitarth learnt - 'Experience is the Best Education' & 'No dearth of jobs if one is hard working and patient'. He will soon join the diamond business of his Father.