Boddu Or Roopa For TDP In RJY: Money Matters!

Tue Mar 12 2019 17:12:13 GMT+0530 (IST)

After Sitting MP Murali Mohan refused to contest in the 2019 Elections, TDP Leadership felt the urgency to find a replacement for him in Rajahmundry Parliament Segment. Former Peddapuram MLA Boddu Bhaskar Rao and Murali Mohan's Daughter-in-Law Roopa are the front-runners for the MP Ticket.

Off the record, Boddu Bhaskar Rao seems to have conveyed to TDP Leadership that he can't bear the election expenditure of MLA Candidates in the Parliament Segment if he contest Lok Sabha Polls. He is off the feeling that Sitting TDP MLAs in Rajahmundry Lok Sabha Segment had earned good income in the past 5 years to mobilise all the resources on their own. He claims to be willing to bear only his own election expenditure.

TDP Leadership convened a meeting with MLA Candidate in Rajahmundry Parliament Constituency Today to take a final call. If MLA Candidates respond negatively to the condition of Bhaskar Rao, Then Murali Mohan's Daughter-in-Law will be preferred. This is why they say Money Matters The Most..!