Thottapilly Family Tragedy In US: All 4 Bodies Found

Tue Apr 17 2018 14:02:55 GMT+0530 (IST)

Anrn Indian family went missing in the USA a week back and the police rninvestigated the case.  They found the body of 38-year-old Soumya rnThottapilly in the river last Friday.  The police have confirmed that rntheir SUV had fallen into the Eel River in California.  The four-member rnfamily was travelling when then tragedy struck. 

A week later the police found two more bodies inside the vehicle when the search teams located the SUV on Sundayrn in the Eel River.  The car was lying submerged four feet below the rnriver water.   They have identified the bodies as Sandeep rnThottapilly(41) and Saachi Thottapilly(9).   The search teams have foundrn the body of Sidhhant Thottapilly(12) on Monday

Thern family was actually coming back from a trip to Portland, Oregan to rntheir home in California.  Their relatives reported to the police when rnThottapilly family didn't show up at San Jose as per the plan on April rn8.  Sandeep Thottapilly was a Vice-president at Union Bank and Soumya rnwas a homemaker.  Sandeep hails from Surat Gujarat and Soumya family rnparents stay in Kochi.