Watch: Boy proposing to Burkha-clad Girl in Public!

Sat Mar 18 2017 17:41:25 GMT+0530 (IST)

A Video Footage of a Boy proposing his love to a Muslim Girl in Maharashtra's Bhiwandi on roadside went viral on the interest. Within no time, It became a point of discussion everywhere.

In the video, A Youngster was seen proposing to a Burkha-clad Girl in public. While some of the passerby's were stunned by it, Other cheered for the Lovers. This incident which happened on march 11th this year raised many eyebrows.

 Local Organizations such as National Lokhind Party and Raza Academy accused the Young Couple of resorting to un-islamic actions. The Boy who is behind the whole controversy conveyed his apologies with a video message.

The Girl's Father says his family was upset with the reactions and his daughter threatened to commit suicide if the harassment continues. A case was filed in Thane Police Station against those harassing the Girl and Her Family.