Brutal Murder of Teenage Girl in Hyderabad

Tue Sep 12 2017 16:51:28 GMT+0530 (IST)

Chandni Jain, who went missing on Saturday, was found in the hills located in Ameenpur area on Tuesday morning.

The Intermediate Second Year Student informed Family Members that she is going to meet Friends while leaving home in Madinaguda on September 9th. She, however, didn't return even by 8.30 pm and her mobile was switched off. Parents grew suspicious and lodged a police complaint. Today morning, Construction Workers found the body of the girl in Ameenpur.

No external injuries have been found on Chandni Jain's body. As the place is an isolated area, Police were pretty sure that she mayn't have gone there all by herself. CCTV Footage shows Chandini travelling with a youth in an Auto Rickshaw. Ameenpur Inspector says, 'It's not a Blue Whale Challenge related death. It could be a murder'.

Investigation is being done based on the contacts in Chandni's mobile which was seized at the crime spot. Two out of four suspects have been already taken into custody. Chandini used to speak frequently with the person who's number was saved as 'My Hot Phone Number'. Cops were investigating if there is a love angle behind the death. Chandini's Sister Nivedita alleges it's a pre-planned murder and demands stringent punishment for the accused.