YSRC MP's clarification on Four Rumours

Sun Jul 16 2017 21:58:57 GMT+0530 (IST)

Rumours have surfaced that YSR Congress MP Butta Renuka will join TDP after she met Nara Lokesh and skipped Jagan's meeting with party MPs. She now issued a clarification on all the rumours in circulation...

Rumour 1: Why Butta Renuka met AP Minister Nara Lokesh?

I met Rural Development Minister for the sake of Water Issues in Kurnool Lok Sabha segment. Already, I brought the issue to the notice of Union Minister Thomar. Nothing wrong in meeting AP Minister for the works in my constituency.

Rumour 2: Giving a miss to YSRC Parliamentary Party Meeting

My schedule for the day has been fixed long back. I had to take part in the development works in the constituency on that particular day. Most importantly, Few TDP Members got ready to join YCP in my presence. I informed about the situation to MP Mekapati over phone and sent an SMS to Jagan.

Rumour 3: Your Husband is a TDP Member…You are in YCP & hence planning to shift Party.

My Husband joined TDP accidentally long ago. Currently, He isn't associated with any political party and he is looking after business operations. As he is cooperating with Me, I can say he is a YCP Member.

Rumour 4: Jagan expressed anguish on Butta Renuka over recent developments.

Actually, Our MLAs informed Me that Jagan simply laughed when he heard about the rumours in circulation. He didn't lose cool at all. Once again, I'm clarifying that I won't quit YCP.