Demand To Expel Congress From Mahakutami

Sun Sep 23 2018 16:57:09 GMT+0530 (IST)

Mahakutami was formed under Congress Leadership in Telangana. TDP, TJS and CPI has come together with the sole aim of ending TRS rule. Even CPM which formed alliance with Bahujan Left Front have a similar agenda.

Interestingly, CPM State Secretary Tammineni Veerabhadram invited TDP, TJS and CPI to expel Congress from Mahakutami saying policies of the National Party are no different from BJP. 'We are ready to join Grand Alliance if Congress is evicted. CPM would even take the initiative to bring few more parties into Mahakutami if that happens,' says Tammineni.

As of now, None of the parties look interested in forming alliance with CPM. Kodandaram-led TRS might consider the proposal if talks with Congress regarding seat sharing fail. TDP has already decided to continue friendship with Congress due to various political equations. Even CPI mayn't change its decision as Mahakutami appears strong for now.