Caller Fires On Sri Reddy & News Channels

Sun Apr 15 2018 18:47:41 GMT+0530 (IST)

During a live debate on Casting Couch, A Caller from Amalapuram questioned Media whether there is need for such a big coverage for Sri Reddy.

Caller: 'Is there any need for Live Debates during Prime Time for Sri Reddy? We have been hearing and seeing the same stuff in every channel since days. Sri Reddy showed whatever she have by stripping...there is nothing more she could show. I am speaking in the same language she has been using. I had seen an interview recently, Sri Reddy asked whether the male genital organ isn't getting into 90 degree position. Is there a need for so much hype when she is creating nuisance? That popular channel is good for nothing...It's harmful to the society. As the TRPs dropped after Kathi Mahesh-Pawan Fans episode, That channel is now building hype for Sri Reddy issue. How could someone like her stage protest in Osmania University? Sri Reddy should have filed police complaint and approached courts for justice if she is a victim. Is it right to create hungama using media?'.

The Caller questioned, 'Why didn't Sri Reddy file cases against those who had sexually exploited her then itself? She is behaving like a prostitute. What is the necessity for these programs on her?'.