Candidates to spend a total of Rs 4760 crore in Telangana?

Mon Oct 15 2018 20:52:17 GMT+0530 (IST)

How much will an MLA candidate shell out in the coming Telangana elections? Any guesses? We are giving you a clue! In the 2014 elections, the parties and the candidates had spent anything ranging between Rs 5 crore to Rs 10 crore. Over the last five years, things have changed. The demands from the party workers and activists have gone up. More and more party workers are preferring cars to the portly open-top lorries. So, mobilizing the crowds is all that costlier. Similarly, the demands on food and liquor too have shot up. As a result, the amount spent too will go up.

According to political watchers,  the parties and the serious contenders may have to burn at least 15 to 20 crore to stay in the race. Since there was a talk of early polls for quite sometime, the prospective candidates have not just pooled up the money, they have found innovative ways of distributing the money to the workers and the voters. Another interesting report is that the average age of the contestants this time is between 55 to 65. For most, this could very well be their last elections. That being the case, they are ready to spend any amount to come out victorious. At this rate, each constituency could see a massive cumulative spending of up to Rs 40-50 crore. So, the total spending by the parties could be around 4760 crore!!