Casteism In US Worse Than Andhra!

Sun Jul 01 2018 16:55:54 GMT+0530 (IST)

Usually, Discrimination on the grounds of caste is prevalent in Andhra Pradesh. Such Discrimination continues to happen in a region or state where majority of people take pride in their caste. Leaders like Jayaprakash Narayan have been vocal about this practice in the Telugu State.

Unfortunately, Casteism seems to more among Telugu NRIs in America than what it is in AP. Educated People should be blamed for this situation.

What is the need for caste-based Telugu Associations in USA? Few Associations act like mouthpiece of a particular community or political party. On what purpose these people have gone to America and what they have been doing there? Is this what their education has taught them?

People who believe they are superior than people of other communities need to be ashamed of themselves. What indication such Individuals have been given to the Americans by bringing a division among people based on community? Hopefully, These People would one day realize humanity is more important than casteism!