Shocking Tweet: CBN Gave Relief To NTR!

Fri Aug 24 2018 12:33:41 GMT+0530 (IST)

Backstabbing Episode is the most painful thing in the life of NT Rama Rao. The Legendary Personality couldn't tolerate his Son-in-Law snatching Telugu Desam Party from him. Ugadi Video of NTR shows how much pain he went through at the fag end of his life. People were aware of the sequence of incidents which happened during that period.

A Tweet placed on the official twitter handle of TDP Today raised many eye-brows: 'NTR Telugu Desam Party Ayithe Pettaru Gani, Rajakeeya Anubhavam Lekapovadamtho Yedadhi Lone Enno Odududukulanu, Kutralanu Edurkovalasi Vachindi. Alanti Paristhithilone Chandrababu Naidu TDP Lo Cheradam, Party Vyavaharalanu Samardhavanthamga Chusukovadam NTR Ku Relief Nu Icchindi'.

Hardcore Fans of NTR have been fuming at TDP Leadership over this particular Tweet. They question, 'Whether NTR joined Babu's Party or Babu joined NTR's Party? It was Naidu who joined Telugu Desam for his political aspirations after facing defeat in 1983 polls. If Chandrababu Naidu used his political experience to prevent conspiracies, Then why did he backstab NTR in the 90s? How could they even dare to place such a tweet???'.

Majority of the TDP Leaders and Workers aren't happy with the tweet projecting NTR as an amateurish politician. Who is behind the controversial tweet?