Babu Family Votes C/o Undavalli Now!

Wed Mar 14 2018 12:39:22 GMT+0530 (IST)

Is it possible that a Chief Minister of a state doesn't have his vote in his own state? Yes..  Chandrababu had his vote in Telangana during 2014 general elections.  Chandrababu was sworn in as the CM of AP after the elections even though his vote was in Telangana.   Though bifurcation took place after the elections, Babu didn't think of transferring his vote to AP as he was eyeing the CM post.

With increasing criticism about his vote, Chandrababu transferred his vote to AP later.  It has been four years Chandrababu became CM.. but his family (except Babu.. Lokesh) is living in Hyderabad.  It is interesting to note that they are saying 'businesses' as the reason but they have not shifted their business to AP.

Babu always talks about the Benefits to AP.. but he never thought of running his businesses from AP.  On the other hand, the votes of Chandrababu wife.. daughter-in-law are in Hyderabad itself.   They have recently shifted their votes to AP to counter the criticism and elections are just one year away.

All the votes of Babu family members are shifted to AP capital Amaravati now.   They have registered their votes in Undavalli village, Amaravati.  Chandrababu.. Bhuvaneswari.. Lokesh.. Brahmani votes are registered at house number 3-781/1.  As the votes of Babu family members have been registered in AP, technically speaking.. their link with Hyderabad has been cut off.  Usually, a voter will have his vote where he is residing at present.. so Babu family members are not Hyderabadis anymore.