Chandrababu Has Competition From Pawan Kalyan!!

Tue Aug 14 2018 13:24:57 GMT+0530 (IST)

It's time Chandrababu gets into the alert mode. He now has a competition in lying and flip flop. Like chandrababu Naidu, even Jana Sena chief is now excelling in the art of glib talk and trying to convince whatever he is saying is right.

Pawan had giving an inkling of his forked tongue even during 2014 elections. While campaigning in Telangana, he said the TDP and BJP had divided the state. In AP, he said Jagan was responsible for the division. This has shown his opportunistic side. Even after elections, whenever he spoke about YS Jagan, Pawan had said that Jagan was power hungry and claimed that Jagan always says that nothing can be achieved without power. Today, he is going around the town asking people to support him and make him the Chief Minister. "Make me AP's chief minister and I will work wonders," is what is Pawan is saying these days.

The question is how Jagan is wrong and Pawan is right? While opposing Jagan during 2014, he said that he was not supporting Jagan has he lacks experience. Now, what experience does Pawan have? How is he asking the people to make him the CM.

Clearly, Pawan is proving himself to be a past master in the art of lying through the teeth. Indeed, a stiff competition is awaiting Chandrababu.