Chandrababu.. Pawan.. A Secret Relationship

Thu Dec 07 2017 16:31:19 GMT+0530 (IST)

The secret relationship between AP CM, Telugu Desam Party President Nara Chandrababu Naidu and Jana Sena Party chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan came on to the front once again as per the netizens.  It is interesting to see that this kind of opinions are expressed by the people as Jana Sena chief visited Polavaram.  Social media is buzzing with the news that whenever AP CM is in trouble, Pawan will enter the scene and his latest trip is an example.

After visiting Polavaram Project, Pawan Kalyan strongly criticised the state government.  Pawan alleged that there are discrepancies in Polavaram Dam construction. Pawan questioned that if the state government has not done any mistake, then why they are not coming up with the correct figures? He demanded that a white paper should be released on Polavaram project.  He said that doubts are arising as the government is hiding the facts.  He suggested that State government should try to co-operate with the Central government to continue the project works. He said that he will be ready to support them if required.

While Pawan has reacted in a strong manner and gave suggestions to the State government.. AP CM Chandrababu Naidu gave a cool reply.  He asked them not to take Pawan comments politically.  He tried to cool them saying that Pawan's wishes to see the completion of Polavaram Project.  He said that the details of Polavaram construction has been released by the government at regular intervals so releasing white paper is not required.   By giving answers to all Pawan Kalyan questions, AP CM gave answers to the criticism upon him on Polavaram construction issue.

But many people are surprised to see Pawan taking up Polavaram trip even before main opposition party YSR Congress Party takes up Project Yatra.  Amidst Central Government pressure.. ahead of Main Opposition YCP's tour.. sudden Pawan tour is raising many doubts.  Moreover, Pawan never responded as an opposition till now.   When he suddenly started criticising it gives an impression that Pawan is trying to dilute the impact of YCP tour effect.