Promised Before Last Election - Implemented Before Next Election!

Sat Feb 16 2019 15:18:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

TDP Government has been implementing many of the 2014 poll promises before the 2019 Elections. Reservations for Kapus was promised in 2014 Election Manifesto. And now, State Government has been promising 5 percent out 10 percent reservation in the EBC Quota without even bothering about the possibilities.

Loan Waiver promised for DWAKRA Women wasn't fulfilled. Ahead of the elections, Rs 10,000 was offered under Pasupu-Kunkuma Schema and that too in the form of Post-Dated Cheques.

Only three instalments of Farm Loan Waiver was released so far. And now, TDP Government is getting ready to release 4th and 5th instalments.

9 hours Electricity was promised for Farmers during day time, but only 7 hours of electricity was offered until now. 10 days after CM’s announcement, A GO has been issued promising 9 hours electricity and that too without mentioning from when it will be implemented.

Netizens have been passing sarcastic comments such as TDP will implement 2019 Poll Promises before 2024 Elections if it retains power.