In Talk: Chandrababu's Secret of Success!

Wed Oct 18 2017 13:24:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

Chandrababu Naidu is so good at election management. It's because of this reason he managed to win few elections in which defeat looked certain for TDP. This is what happened even during the Nandyal by-election as well.

YSR Congress Party was confident of winning in Nandyal at least by a slight margin. Even Ruling Party Leaders had the doubts about the winning chances. 1.20 lakh out of 2 voters in Nandyal are actually favorable to YCP. That's when Chandrababu Naidu stepped-in and changed the entire mood of the voters in favour of TDP.

Why Nandyal victory is so special for TDP? Telugu Desam hasn't won here since the past 18 years. Within 3-and-a-half years after forming the Government, TDP won by a margin of 27,466 votes. Neither BJP nor Jana Sena had played any role in the by-election. So, This victory is a clear example of Babu-mark political strategy.

Chandrababu Naidu was instrumental in TDP winning Kakinada Corporation Polls after 30 years. The difference in vote share between TDP and YCP is 16 percent. Analysts expected Mudragada's impact on Kapus in at least 15 Divisions. However, TDP-BJP won 10 of them.

TDP Leadership is so good at media management as well. All the key developments reported by popular News Channels will be recorded round the clock. Paper Cuttings of all key issues have been maintained in the TDP Library for future use. Leaders who should appear for discussion on TV will be chosen by party leadership itself. They will also be trained how to speak and what to speak to convey the right message.

In addition, Chandrababu Naidu will analyze the strengths and weakness of Opposition Parties frequently. He uses the group wars and revolts in other parties to his advantage.

The kind of vision, knowledge and experience Chandrababu Naidu have is benefitting TDP in a big way. Better not to underestimate Babu Garu ever!