AP Bandh: Why TDP Isn't Taking Part?

Mon Apr 16 2018 09:31:26 GMT+0530 (IST)

All the Opposition Parties in the state have give a call for AP Bandh on April 16th. CM Chandrababu Naidu who claims achieving Special Status is his ultimate goal and BJP which isn't willing to fulfill the crucial promise stayed away from the bandh. If achieving Special Status is the need of the hour, How could TDP Government deny support for AP Bandh?

YSR Congress, Jana Sena, CPI, CPM, Congress & People's Organizations have been taking part in the AP Bandh demanding Special Status. Not only did Chandrababu Naidu declare TDP wouldn't participate in AP Bandh but also a notice has been issued warning stringent action against protesters. How could state government act against the bandh if it's in favour of Special Status? What could it lose by offering support to the bandh call?

Opposition alleges Chandrababu wants only TDP to lead any protest seeking Special Status so that he could gain some political mileage. 'When YCP, Jana Sena & BJP hadn't attended All-Party Meeting, Minister Atchannaidu alleged the three parties which had a secret deal choose to skip. Today, TDP and BJP didn't take part in bandh. Does that mean there is a secret deal between them & none of the two parties want AP to get Special Status?,' questioned a Youth of Andhra.