Naidu Turns Down Paritala Sunitha's Proposal

Thu Mar 14 2019 16:22:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

Partial Sunitha appealed TDP Leadership to allot Raptadu Ticket for herself and Kalyana Durgam Ticket for his Son Paritala Sriram. She even issued a statement saying Sriram will contest 2019 Elections from Raptadu if he is denied Kalyana Durgam Ticket.

If the media reports are true, Chandrababu Naidu responded seriously over the official statement issued by Paritala Sunitha. He seems to have questioned how could a Senior Leader issue such a statement without the consent of the party leadership.

Chandrababu Naidu is in no mood to offer MLA Ticket for Paritala Sriram in 2019 Elections. He didn't even accept the proposal of fielding Sriram in Raptadu Constituency. TDP Supremo is of the feeling that wrong indication will go to the public if Paritala Sunitha doesn't contest elections being a Minister. He insisted that she has to contest 2019 Elections from Raptadu Segment itself.