Chandranna!!! Will Anna Canteens work ?

Mon Jul 16 2018 23:37:24 GMT+0530 (IST)

At long last, the Anna Canteens have begun functioning in Andhra Pradesh. The canteens are providing food to 300 people a day. So far so good!! Why so much delay in setting up these canteens. In fact, such canteens were promised during the elections and all these four years, the Government did not bother about setting them up. Even when its own party MLA MVSS Murthy raised the issue, the TDP Government chose to do nothing. It took an election year and pure politics for forcing Chandrababu to set up these canteens.

In fact, Chandrababu hastily started the canteens after Mangalagiri MLA Alla Ramakrishna Reddy stared Rajanna cateens in Mangalagiri, where the food was provided for just Rs 4. Seeing that they were becoming popular, Chandrababu hurriedly started the canteens.  There are questions over the subsidy that the State Government is giving for the meals. While the Telangana Government is giving just Rs 17 as subsidy per plate to Akshayapatra foundation, which is cooking and supplying the food, the AP Government is giving Rs 37 as subsidy. Many people are smelling a scam in Anna Canteens.

There are also serious questions about the quality of the food being supplied at the Anna Canteen. With only 300 plates available, there are several instances of jostling for food. Will Chandrababu address these issues? Or will he let this beautiful scheme go to dogs?