Chiru Got Only 18! How Can PK Become CM?

Mon May 21 2018 18:29:20 GMT+0530 (IST)

Pawan Kalyan's tall claims about forming the Government in 2019 raised many doubts about the actual strength of Jana Sena. When Chiranjeevi floated Praja Rajyam Party, There was 10 times more buzz than that of what Jana Sena has been enjoying Today. Before and after the launch meeting in Tirupati, A lot of people assumed Megastar would be the next Chief Minister. Still, PRP managed just 18 seats despite carrying such huge hype.

And now, Jana Sena President is aiming to be the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh within the next one year. Is it practically possible?

Few Media Personalities & Analysts have been predicting Jana Sena won't be winning more than 10 seats without proper organizational structure. Pawan Kalyan have huge fan base and there is no doubt about it. How many of his fans have Voter IDs and how of them would exercise their right to vote is the key? Even if his fans and people of his community vote, That doesn't guarantee CM Post. Why because, Only a Leader who wins the trust of all the sections of people can become CM. When will Pawan Kalyan attain such a stature?