Chiru's take on Pawan Kalyan Political Career

Wed Jan 11 2017 13:46:30 GMT+0530 (IST)

Chiranjeevi is one of the many well-wishers who cautioned Pawan Kalyan when he was planning to float Jana Sena Party. But now, He got convinced that his Younger Brother will bring a change in politics.   

When quizzed whether someone like Pawan Kalyan could fit politics, Chiranjeevi clarifies, 'Politics is open for all…there is no rule book. Everything depends on the ultimate goal of an individual. Only future will decided how successful he/she is in politics'.

He further added, 'There is lot of fire in Pawan Kalyan. He have a good ideology and honest. Such people have the calibre to clean political system. In a way, New kind of politics could be seen. A lot of people including Politicians like Me wishes to see leaders like Pawan in politics. But, We have to wait and see if he could succeed in his mission'.

Chiru shared he is more close to Naga Babu than Pawan Kalyan. He also downplayed Pawan giving a miss to 'Khaidi No.150' pre-release event.