College Girls Controversial Questions To RGV

Thu Jan 18 2018 10:15:57 GMT+0530 (IST)

Few College Girls have been given an opportunity to ask questions to Ram Gopal Varma about 'God, Sex and Truth' starring Adult Star Mia Malkova.

Asked why he choose Mia Malkova instead of any Indian Actress, RGV replied: 'In India, We can't shoot such visuals legally. So, I preferred a Foreigner and shot in abroad. Being a Porn Star, She can do it without any kind of inhibitions'.

When a Student expressed the view, 'Just because there are regulations, You had shot it somewhere else releasing here', Varma clarified: 'I haven't released it in India. I had just placed it on Digital Platform which is open for all. Indians are 3rd Largest Watchers of Porn. This is based on percentage, nothing to do with population'.

On the impact of 'God, Sex and Truth' on younger generation, RGV believes: 'I don't think Younger Generation would imitate why because they have have their own sensibilities and certain style. Teacher will tell students what they don't know...I think I am a teacher'.

Quizzed if he isn't creating an image in the minds of Youth, like a woman should be like this...white woman, The Filmmaker shot back: 'We have been bringing Cars, Cinema and Clothes from the West, why not their Women?'

Interestingly, One of the Students said there is always a debate how many people like RGV and hate RGV but a lot of people secretly admire you for what you are. She then asked what made him the person he is Today? RGV answered: 'Basically, I love my life and I don't even wish to waste even one second of it. Life isn't worth living if you don't live it the way you want to'.

A Student asked RGV if he had sex with Mia Malkova during the making of 'God, Sex and Truth'. Varma replied: 'This is too personal but I love you for asking this question...Thank you very much. I didn't! I will tell you why? Because of the beautiful Men and the kind of hulk bodies they have, I felt too insecure to even go to such extent because I will have performance anxiety. I only wanted to look her like a Goddess and worship her beauty, nobody thinks about Goddess sexually'.

When asked had he ever begged a woman for sex, RGV denied anything such thing has ever happened. 'I would share you an incident. Once, I was with a woman who kept speaking something. I just told her that I would love to have sex with you rather than listening to you. Then, She got offended. I have every right to ask what I want. She have every right to say yes or no,' he said.