Twist in Vijay Sai suicide case

Sat Dec 16 2017 17:44:09 GMT+0530 (IST)

The suicide case of Comedian Vijay Sai took an unexpected turn. His Wife Vanitha released the intimate pictures of Vijay Sai & another Women to media Today.

Condemning the reports that she is absconding fearing arrest, Vanitha shared selfie video in which she expressed her willingness to approach the cops with videos, audio tapes & photos to present her side of the story. 'I am no way responsible for Vijay Sai's death. We are living separately since the past three years. Then, How can I be held responsible for his suicide? I will surrender before police soon with the evidence to prove the real character of My Huband. Vijay's Parents have been deliberately making allegations against Me to hide the mistakes committed by their Son. I am a woman with a girl child. Who will take care of my Daughter if my in-laws conspire against Me? They always speak about their Son's death but doesn't care about the future of Granddaughter. I have answers for all the rumours. They allege I filed case for car and bungalow..You will know what kind of cases I had filed if you have a look at the petitions. My Child don't have a father now. I should think about the upbringing of my Daughter. I haven't run away to anywhere,' she said in the selfie video.

Cops came to know that Vanitha is in Kakinada by tracking her cell phone. They might take her into custody at any time for further investigation.