Gujarat: MLAs Fought With Each Other!

Wed Mar 14 2018 17:30:17 GMT+0530 (IST)

We all know about the incidents happened in Telangana assembly a couple of days ago.  Now a far worse situation witnessed in Gujarat assembly.  The ruling BJP MLAs and Opposition party Congress MLAs fought with one another in the assembly.  As Gujarat is the home state of Narendra Modi, the incident created a huge sensation.

The hungama started with a verbal war.. MLAs started abusing the other party MLAs.. the verbal exchange between the leaders turned out into a physical fight later.  With this kind of unruly behaviour, they brought disrespect to the assembly.  

It all actually started with a verbal war between Congress MLA Pratap and BJP MLA Jagadish.  Both the leaders have hurled abuses at each other and they not be written here.  They started giving punches to one another later.  Though other members tried to prevent them from, they didn't stop at all.  The fight between them became more serious as the ruling, opposition party MLAs joined with them.  Speaker has suspended opposition MLAs on for bringing disrespect to the Assembly.