This Party Needs Immediate Bypass Surgery

Thu Jan 10 2019 11:40:59 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Telangana Congress leaders seem to have learnt no lessons despite being beaten to pulp by master strategist and TRS chief KCR. Instead of discussing how and why they lost the elections and what factors led to the turning of tables, they are busy attacking one another. Instead of identifying the causes for their shock defeat and understanding how a surefire victory was turned into a defeat, they are involved in nit-picking and bickering. Instead of attacking KCr, they are attacking one another. Their bickering are being slammed by the citizens. And, the TRS is watching the Congress discomfiture merrily.

There is no self-introspection or a dispassionate analysis within the party. Both the grassroots level workers as well as the High Command are said to be deeply unhappy with the goings on in the TPCC. There are serious questions about what would be the Congress strategy for Lok Sabha elections and how is going to stop the TRS juggernaut in the state and the BJP-Modi combine in the Centre. The KCR is already eating into the vitals of the Congress Party in Telangana by snatching away the elected MLAs and MLCs. At such a time, the Congress should put up a united fight, the high command feels. Several senior leaders, who are detesting the internecine squabble within the Congress, are saying that the Congress might never revive itself if it continues to play negative politics. He says the Congress is in need of an emergency bypass surgery before it's too late.