Suspicious Black Trunk In PM Modi's Chopper

Mon Apr 15 2019 18:01:25 GMT+0530 (IST)

A Black Trunk was offloaded from PM Narendra Modi's chopper when he visited Chitradurga in Karnataka recently for the election campaigning. This unusual development happened ahead of the Lok Sabha Polling raised many suspicions.

Congress Party highlighted that three more choppers escorting PM's helicopter in which the black trunk was placed. 'After landing, A Black Trunk was offloaded from the helicopter and placed in the Innova Car which wasn't part of the PM's Convoy. The vehicle fled away immediately. Election Commission has to investigate what's in the trunk and why it was brought in PM's chopper,' demands the Main Opposition.

BJP, however, condemned the allegations of violating Model Code of Conduct. The Ruling Party told Congress which is known for corruption has to come clean first of all to point fingers at others. BJP clarified, 'Black Trunk contains electronic equipment such as teleprompter and party logos. If the box is placed in the PM's convoy, It's impossible to make the arrangements at the election rally stage by the time Modi arrives. So, It was shifted in an another vehicle. This process was handled by PM's security personnel'.