Conspiracy Against Pawan Kalyan

Mon Apr 16 2018 21:42:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

Pawan Kalyan has become a target for certain Parties after he revolted against them citing rampant corruption and injustice to Andhrites by backtracking on key promises. Now, Political Opponents have been trying to tarnish his image in every possible manner.

A Senior Journalist opined: 'Attempts have been made to target Pawan Kalyan's personal life. Everyone knew about PK's three marriages and his divorces…it's his personal matter. These parties haven't targeted his personal life as long as he supported them. After he revolted, They were trying to damage his reputation by targeting him while staying behind. In the Casting Couch debates, Few women have been asking people not to vote for Pawan Kalyan. They allege Pawan isn't behaving like a real hero. Doesn't that mean he should thrash people on the streets just alike in films?'

The Reporter questioned, 'Why these Women who were complaining about casting couch remained silent for years? They say nobody would offer them roles if they speak out. Does that mean they would stoop to any level for offers? Sexual Exploitation should be brought to light immediately and legal route must be preferred for justice. Pawan Kalyan was targeted repeatedly though there is nothing wrong about advising the victims to file police complaints and move courts for justice. In future, Many more weapons will be used by Political Rivals to nullify his impact on voters as much as they can'.