Couple Who Saw Pranay's Soul In Police Custody

Mon Oct 15 2018 16:27:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

Pranay, a Dalit Youth, was murdered by the goons hired by his Wife Amrutha's Father Maruthi Rao few weeks ago. This honour killing had created a sensation and all those involved in the crime were sent behind the bars within days.

Potturu Nararao and Sathya Priya, a couple hailing from Patan Cheruvu, reached Miryalaguda on Sunday to convey to Amrutha that they had seen Pranay's Soul which is revolving around the house. They went on to say, 'Maruthi Rao and Pranay are rivals in their previous birth. The former had his vengeance in this birth. Pranay's Soul is mourning for Amrutha...we can make him talk with her'.

The Couple advised Amrutha not to establish Pranay's Statue citing his soul will remain in the idol if that happens. Amrutha grew suspicious and alerted the local police. Both the Husband and Wife were taken into custody immediately.

Armed Forces have been deployed at Pranay's house for ensuring the safety of Amrutha.