Why We Allow Immigrants From S-H Nations?: Trump

Fri Jan 12 2018 19:40:29 GMT+0530 (IST)

In a crucial meeting on Immigration Reforms in White House, President Donald Trump questioned Senators and Congressman to answer what is the need for permitting citizens from what he called 'shit-hole' countries into US. 'Why are we allowing people from shithole countries come here,' he asked, in an indirect reference to African Nations and Haiti.

Whereas, Trump is keen to welcome immigrants from places like Norway with whose PM he met recently. His remarks were totally unexpected and surprising.

The meeting is meant to discuss Bipartisan Deal which is intended to limit Immigrants from bringing their Family Members into US and impose restrictions on Green Card visa lottery so as to protect close to 8 lakh immigrants from deportation. This deal would put an end to family chain immigration if passed.

The White House defended the comments of Trump saying the President will always fight for the American People but some US Politicians fight for foreign nations. It maintained Trump wouldn't support temporary and weak measures which puts lives of Americans at risk.

Whereas, Democrats pointed out that the comments clearly suggest Trump is Anti-Immigrant and racist.