Cruelty Of Humans Costs Sex Life Of Animals

Sun Jan 14 2018 17:47:36 GMT+0530 (IST)

It is a fact.  Animals are losing sex life due to the greed of human beings. Human beings are also similar to animals but have high intelligence levels. Man dominates the nature and animal kingdom with his intelligence.  He is using trees,  animals for his needs and benefits. Man is also part of nature and he is not feeling it anymore.  Earlier, human beings used to be interdependent on animals & trees.  In simple words, they used to follow 'give & take' policy.  In the modern generation, human beings are just 'taking' from them forgetting about the 'giving' part.  The relation of human beings with tress is slightly better when we compare his relationship with the animals.

A recent news report published by a popular media gave an interesting insight into the greed of human beings and its negative effects on the animals.  To cut the matter short, the business attitude of men changed the male-female ratio of animals drastically.  Male animals can only be utilised by the farmers in the fields whereas female animals can be used for dairy and re-production purposes as well.  If you think that male animals are used for reproduction purposes, you are not this generation guy.  Because why do they need male animals as there are injections available for reproduction?

In such a scenario, the number of male animals is drastically decreasing. With the advent of machinery into the farming sector, the need for male animals decreased like never before. If this situation continues, it is not an exaggeration that male animals will go extinct.  There are two lakhs animals of Ongole breed animals in the two Telugu states but the number of male animals is not even half.   If we take other breed animals, the situation is much more worse.

According to the 2015 statistics of AP government, the number of cows and buffalos used for dairy purposes is around 35 lakhs but  oxes and bulls are only 13 lakhs in number.   On the other hand, animal lovers are expressing their concern that animals are losing sexual pleasure because of human greed. Some experts claim that animals will not have sexual pleasure but a recent report aired by BBC channel confirmed that animals too have sexual pleasure and they have quoted the statistics of sexual behaviour of some animals.   On the whole, it is clearly evident that man has slowly turned into an animal with greed.