MP's Controversial Comments On Tirupati Balaji

Thu Jan 11 2018 11:12:13 GMT+0530 (IST)

There are reports that DMK MP Kanimozhi made controversial comments on Tirupati Lord Balaji who is revered by crores of Hindus across the world.   It is known that many Hindus are sentimental when it comes to Lord Venkateswara.   In such a scenario, Kanimozhi comments are getting sharp reactions from social media and other parties.

According to the reports coming out in the media, Kanimozhi reportedly commented "Why would we require a god who can't save the poor?.. There is no need."  DMK Chief Karunanidhi daughter went on to say that "People talk about morals that everybody is equal before God but the rich people are getting special treatment through special darshan.  The poor people had to wait hours together for his darshan every day.  He is a god to the people who give crores of rupees."  She went to say "How could he save us who can't even protect his own Hundi?"

Kanimozhi's comments on Lord Venkateswara are attracting criticism from the people of Tamil Nadu as well as two Telugu states.  Netizens started trolling her in social media some people even reminded her that her family members prayed to the same god for her release when she was neck deep trouble in the 2G scam.