Big Controversy: Third Umpire Failed DRS!

Sat Feb 09 2019 12:23:58 GMT+0530 (IST)

Technology is used during the cricket matches to achieve accuracy. If the same technology wasn't used properly, Then controversies do happen and that's what took place due to a decision taken during the second T20 between New Zealand and India.

New Zealand Batsman Daryl Mitchell was given out LBW in the bowling of Krunal Pandya by the infield umpire Chris Brown. Daryl Mitchell reviewed it as he felt the ball had hit the bat before touching his pad. Even the Hotshot showed a mark on the bat and the crowd cheered upon watching it on the big screen. When the Snickometer was used by the Third Umpire, There was no spike on the graph when the ball passed the bat. Based on it, The Third Umpire declared it as out. Both Daryl Mitchell and New Zealand Skipper Williamson were shell-shocked.

This decision stirred a huge controversy. Cricketers, Former Cricketers, Commentators and Fans found it ridiculous.

Here is the reaction for Cricket Commentator Harsha Bhogle: 'Once the DRS messed it up there was no solution other than asking the batsman to leave. The 3rd umpire has preferred snicko over hot spot. We haven't heard the last of this'.

Former Cricketer Aakash Chopra: 'Bizzare. Are we serious? Third Umpire has failed the DRS'.

ICC need to take a firm stand to prevent such errors in the upcoming ODI World Cup scheduled to happen in England.