Viral Pics: Dark Is Divine

Sun Jan 14 2018 19:20:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

The majority of the gods at our homes have fair skin in the pictures.   When it comes to the actors playing the role of gods, they are handsome and glamorous. Only dark coloured heroes like Rajinikanth.. Vijaykanth were accepted by the audience in god roles.  In fact, we have no historical evidence of the skin colour of our gods.  Even though Lord Krishna is referred as black.. and Lord Siva is known to be wearing ash over his body, they were shown to be in normal colour.  Even we are also habituated to such pictures.  There is a campaign going on in the social media for the past few years with the title Dark Is Divine.

Taking inspiration from this campaign, a team from Chennai searched for black models and conducted a photo shoot with makeup in god getups.  They have done photo shoots for Lord Rama, Lord Siva, Lakshmi Devi, Saraswati etc. but everybody appeared in shining black.  The makeup artist is also dark coloured and she appeared as Sitadevi.  

These pics are going viral on the social media now.  Everybody is appreciating the creative idea of the team and their intention behind the photo shoot.  But some netizens even commented that the team has used black touchup more than the original colour of the models.  Whatever be the case, their intention of conveying the message that 'gods will not have any colour differences' is really commendable.