DK's Take On Reviews - An Eye-Opener!

Mon Aug 20 2018 17:23:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

Double Standards of Film Personalities get exposed by the way they respond to the Reviews which are positive & negative. While the Celebs don't mind boasting about positive reviews, Many of them throw the blame on Reviewers whenever their film receives poor rating. Some Actors/Directors had even gone to the end of proposing ban on reviews & projecting reviewers as amateurish. Does that really makes any sense?

The manner in which Deva Katta analyzed the job of the Reviewers will be an eye-opener to many in the Industry. The 'Prasthanam' Director opined, 'Just alike Filmmakers, Reviewers are doing their Job. Every individual have the right to do whatever they want. Reviewers are getting involved in the activity of writing Reviews. They are always free to express their opinion on a movie. Review Writing, as a business, has got it's own potential'.   

Seems like, No other Film Celeb understands the role of Review Writing better than Deva Katta. Having stayed in US, where Reviews have good prominence, for years certainly helps a person gain knowledge in such matters. The next time when some dares to point fingers at Reviewers, He/She should be made to read the analysis given by Deva Katta. What do you say?