Did Google Just Declare Rahul Gandhi As 'Pappu'?

Wed May 16 2018 22:53:52 GMT+0530 (IST)

"Pappu (Rahul Gandhi) is a male name given in some regions of India"

This is the search result that Google search throws at you as the top result. We can just say that as the greatest troll to the Opposition leader of India.

Congress has been trying to prove that Rahul Gandhi is a worthy Prime Minister candidate of India from past five years.

While Narendra Modi, is aggressively pushing them on backfoot, Congress is looking at Rahul Gandhi to shine brigther than Modi.

But that seems to be a distant dream for them. As Rahul Gandhi established himself to be slow in understanding and not at all aggressive in speeches, he has been called as Pappu, by many.

Now, as the social media and Internet communities have been strongly suggesting Rahul Gandhi to be Pappu, even Google search engine seems to have picked up on it.

Well, until recently, Narendra Modi is been named as India's first Prime Minister by search engine until the algorithm has been fixed.

 Google might just fix this glitch too, but the Congress must have to think about their future strategies for sure, to wipe out this Pappu image for Rahul Gandhi, in people's minds.