Karunanidhi Married Thrice! Why Not PK?

Thu Aug 09 2018 11:54:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

An interesting debate over the three marriages of M Karunanidhi has been happening on Social Media after the demise of 5-time Tamil Nadu Chief Minister. While the first wife of Karunanidhi is no more alive, His Second Wife has been suffering from Alzheimer Disease & Third Wife is healthy. Now, Netizens have been questioning why nobody questioned Karunanidhi having three wives even though Indian law doesn't permit it. He hadn't even divorced his first wife before marrying another woman and didn't legally separate from first & second wife before marrying the third woman.

Nobody have any issues what-so-ever even with the three wives of Gemini Ganeshan. None bothered to care about it though Savithri slipped into depression because of her husband's love affairs. Instead, He was glorified as a Lover Boy.

Now, Fans of Pawan Kalyan question why people make a hue & cry about  their Leader's three marriages. They argue, 'At least PK divorced his first wife & paid alimony before marrying Renu Desai, Divorced second wife & offered house to take care of children's well-being before marrying Anna Lezhneva. Those who didn't find fault with Karunanidhi have no moral right to question Powerstar'.