Diggi Raja's Comments Stun Congressmen!!

Wed Oct 17 2018 15:37:57 GMT+0530 (IST)

Diggi Raja is the Kattappa of the Congress. So faithful he is that he is taken with utmost respect. But, this time around as his home state of Madhya Pradesh is going for polls,  where is Digvijay Singh?

A recent video of Diggi Raja that is going viral shows him in a very despondent mood. He appears to be quite dejected. He is seen talking to someone about the changed priority within the Congress Party.  He is seen saying that his stock was high under Sonia Gandhi, but not under Rahul Gandhi. These comments are seen as example of Diggie Raja's disenchantment with the party. "If I open my mouth, the Congress will lose heavily. So, I won't even campaign for the party. Silence will now be my language," he is seen as saying.

One does not know the context of these comments and as why he was making those comments. Were they serious comments or just off the cuff comments. Sources say these comments came at a Congress workers meeting on October 13 at Congress MLA Jeetu Patwari's house. All important Congress leaders were present on the dais.

Is the Congress High Commant taking note of Diggi Raja's disenchantment?