Director not allowed into Mall for wearing Dhoti

Sun Jul 16 2017 12:50:49 GMT+0530 (IST)

Director Ashish Avikunthak alleges the Management of a Kolkata Mall has denied him entry into it on grounds that he wore a 'Dhoti'.

In his Facebook post, Ashish disclosed he was told by Security Personnel that people wearing dhoti were prohibited from entering the mall. Finally, The Filmmaker was allowed to enter the premises as he questioned the practice in English. Probably, The Mall Officials got convinced that the individual belongs to a higher social profile due to his fluency in English.

When Debaleena Sen who is accompanying Ashish was recording the whole incident using her smartphone, Officials of the Mall asked her not to do so. The duo terms it as nothing but an attempt to hide racist attitude.

However, The Mall Authorities denied the charges. 'Security Personnel at the entrance just asked the Director, wearing dhoti, to wait to seek the opinion of the Supervisor. The Director waited for just 20 seconds. Thereafter, He was permitted to enter the mall,' they say.