War Signal? Indian Army shifts Villagers!

Thu Aug 10 2017 21:45:23 GMT+0530 (IST)

As per media reports, The Indian Army evacuated Nathang Village which is close to the Doklam India-Bhutan-China try-junction.

Nathang Village is 35 km away from the Doklam standoff site. Hundreds of Villagers living in the village have been asked to move out from their houses immediately. Is this evacuation a signal for war with China? or Was it a precautionary measure to ensure civilians are protected from Chinese Troops? or Whether the move is intended to accommodate thousands of Indian Soldiers of 33 Corp who are moving from Sukna to Doklam?

However, Government Sources denied having issued any such order. A Senior Army Officer clarified no village has been evacuated so far. Reports say Indian Army is a 'No War - No Peace' mode at present.

The Doklam issue began in June this year after Indian Troops stopped Chinese Army from building a road in the disputed area. While India feared that road might cut it's access to its northeastern states, China claimed construction of road was happening in it's territory itself. Though India sought a dialogue to settle the issue amicable, China demanded unconditional withdrawal of Indian Troops before initiating dialogue or peace process.