Why Trump paid $130K to Porn Star?

Sat Jan 13 2018 21:41:06 GMT+0530 (IST)

Weeks before 2016 US Presidential Polls, Michael Cohen who is a Lawyer of Donald Trump paid $130,000 to Porn Star Stephanie Clifford only to ensure she doesn't speak publicly about sexual relationship with then Republican Candidate.

In 2006, Trump had a sexual encounter with Stephanie Clifford at Lake Tahoe, California. This happened just an year after the Business Tycoon married his third wife Melania.

However, Michael Cohen condemned the news saying these rumours have been in circulation since 2011. White House issued a statement to convey these are just recycled reports.

Whereas, Stephanie Clifford hasn't responded on the reports so far. Her Mother Sheila Weimer who hadn't spoken to Clifford since 12 years claims to have no idea if her Daughter had a sexual relationship with Trump or not. But, Sheila praises Trump as he is taking US forward according to her.